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your_twilight's Journal

Your Twilight
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YOUR TWILIGHT is here for everyone to share & create ART! based on the popular twilight saga.


You've stumbled upon YOUR twilight, or else you're our friend here. Either way, you're very much welcome. Hopefully while here you'll be able to share with others your findings or perhaps you'll find something perfect for yourself! Remember that this live journal community is apart of a larger network all belonging to YOUR twilight. So, if you like what you see -- I can guarantee you that there's something over there for you as well. Check out our CONTESTS, ART/FAN FORUMS, & MUCH MORE! :]


All we ask is that you are respectful in our community. If you're here to bash, you'll just be deleted. It's pretty simple. Other than that, make sure there aren't any offensive comments, posts, pictures, or anything. You're not required to join, but we'd love it if you could! Honestly -- just be respectful. :]

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